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How Nutrition Care Works: A Beginners Guide

Embarking on a journey toward better health through nutrition can be both exciting and intimidating. Whether you are focusing on improving your chronic health condition(s), gut health, hormones, mental health, or relationship with food and you're body; the guidance of a licensed nutritionist can provide you with sound evidence-based effective approaches, education, and a partner to achieve your goals.

"But what exactly does working with Nourished by Shay look like? "

"What can I expect from the process?"

Let's break it down..

Initial Session (60 Minutes)

  • Scheduling hallmarks your first step towards feeling better!

  • You'll receive comprehensive intake forms in advance of the session to provide an introduction and overview of you as a whole. This will include family history, medications, supplements, diagnosed conditions, diet preferences, likes/dislikes, allergies, and lifestyle.

  • During the session, we'll get to know each other by reviewing and expanding upon the information provided in your intake forms.

  • We will discuss a few personalized recommendations and goals to begin to provide you with relief and support. Supplements, lab testing, and referrals may be a part of these recommendations.

  • Together, we will decide how often to meet, and schedule a follow-up session. If you are cash pay, we may discuss package session options with monthly payment plans.

Follow-Up Session #1 (55 Minutes)

  • Depending upon your preference and what feels important to address first, we may choose to discuss areas of lifestyle that need immediate attention or dive deeper into nutrition and adapt the meals & snacks you eat regularly.

  • When adapting meals, you'll learn how to include specific foods tailored to your goals to add more nutrient density with ease. We may also adapt meals so they are better tolerated & trigger less symptoms!

  • Lifestyle is important, and sometimes need to be prioritized before nutrition interventions.. like in cases when sleep is abysmal and fatigue is preventing you from cooking! We will look at areas such as sleep, stress, or movement.

  • If lab results are provided after the initial session, we will review, discuss, and decide what recommendations feel supportive to integrate. As well as set up a plan for monitoring and retesting, if necessary.

Follow-Up Session #2 and beyond (45-55 Minutes)

  • Together, we will continue to identify areas to support, and refine our long-term plan to help you implement evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations designed and tailored to help your symptoms, stress, and fatigue

  • We may use tools like the Intuitive Eating workbook, body neutrality tools, embodiment practices, mindful eating, DBT techniques like wise mind or urge surfing to address your relationship with food with compassion, and a plan to create peace with food and your body

  • Supplements, lab testing, and referrals may be a part of the recommendations.

  • We'll help you expand your diet safely by reintroducing as many enjoyable foods into your diet as we can if you are restricted

  • We'll review local restaurant menus and cultivate ideas for travel so you know exactly what to eat and substitutions to ask for

  • We will hold you accountable, celebrate your wins, and reflect on the progress you've made throughout our time together.

  • With unlimited messaging, Shaina is always here to answer every and any question you have during your time as a patient.

  • And so much more!


Through personalized guidance, support, and education, working with Nourished by Shay can help you unlock a healthier relationship with food, and body while achieving your health goals in the process.

One bite at a time.

Take the first step and schedule a free introductory call today!

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