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Ditch Dieting. Reclaim Balance.

Nourish your Body with Ease. 


North Lake Tahoe's Functional Medicine Nutritionist and the Founder of Nourished by Shay. My work is rooted in the intention of empowering you to transform your relationship with food & movement, while healing digestive and hormone concerns naturally. 

Together, we will discover how to nourish your body with ease by curating a sustainable plan, designed for uniquely you. Using Intuitive Eating principles, positive psychology, and body image work at the foundation, we will identify the root cause(s) of your symptoms to address the underlying issues directly, without compromising the integrity of your relationship with food or yourself.

It's time to ditch the strict food rules, hours of research that leaves you feeling confused, feeling guilt or shame surrounding food choices, all while trying to do "all the things" to feel better with no real significant shifts. It's time to start feeling vibrant from the inside out.


You are so worthy of making peace with your body & reclaiming food freedom. I am honored to serve as a guide on the journey to ultimately deepen the connection with yourself.